This stops them from seeing duplicate content for your website, which is an SEO best practice. Another strategy is co-marketing, which refers to the practice of companies coming together to create materials in partnership, such as ebooks or tools. As long as you are collecting links that are useful and logical, link building can be a good SEO strategy. There are two main types of SEO tags you should optimize. Also, there is no definite time as to when Google will visit a particular site or if it will choose to index it. But there also other things you could do to make sure web crawlers can easily access and index your pages. If you don’t have a mobile version of your site and your desktop version is not mobile-friendly, your content can still be indexed; however you may not rank as well in comparison to mobile-friendly websites. Modern websites that rely heavily on new web technologies have notoriously suffered from indexing issues in the past, and some still do. There’s been a lot of information come out about Google’s mobile-first indexing over the last several years - so much that it can be difficult to keep up.

Even in the early days of the web, before search engines, we had to search through directories to retrieve information. In the example above, Google's colorful spider has reached page "A" and sees internal links to pages "B" and "E." However important pages C and D might be to the site, the spider has no way to reach them-or even know they exist-because no direct, crawlable links point to those pages. Read our guide on how to disavow toxic links. To set up your index page, follow the rest of this guide. When you're figuring out what to do on a given page, it's more a question of whether to add your "noindex" tag with or without a "nofollow" tag. You can also disable the page, add content to it, then re-enable it. If Googlebot can freely crawl them, it may not have the resources to get to the valuable stuff on your website indexed in Google. If the domain is not indexed, avoid at all cost to get a link from this page or any other page from this website.

If the domain has been de-indexed, the website is toxic and a link from any page from this website can be harmful. Think of it as a digital version of an accordion-folded pamphlet that you can open and see all the pages at once. For example, Momentum's index page only supports gallery pages. The menu shows the pages your template's index supports. The Momentum template only supports gallery pages. Additionally, the index page's link in your navigation depends on the template. Your template determines the index's style: grid, stacked, or slideshow. Slideshow - Each page displays as a full-bleed background image with a content overlay. To link to other content on your site, add a link to the description of any gallery image, or add pages to your main navigation so the links show in the navigation bar. You don’t want to show them in the search results, but you do want Google to follow the links on the page. To get your site listed on search results, Google needs to "crawl" and "index" your content.

Indexing just means the site is stored in Google’s databases. However, Google indexing takes time. Search engines like Google follow links. So, the more links a site receives, the more relevant it is in its area of expertise. Tags group all your links indexing changes. 3. After adding or changing content, tap Done or the ✓, then tap Save changes to confirm. If you don't see an edit annotation for a stacked index, move the page out of the index to add content, then move it back into the index. Generally, these sites are already well-positioned for their main keywords - and you can use the tools below to find out what they are. Making sure the robot.txt directives are the same on the mobile and desktop sites. Making sure videos are easy to find. Ebuyer’s desktop site implies that these are some of the most important subcategories on the site, whereas their mobile site gives them a more equal footing with other subcategories in the mega-menu. What are the reasons for a domain to not be indexed? If the page is indexed and you can get a follow link, go for it, the link will have some SEO value (all other criteria excluded).